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Liven Up Your Day Life

“The Lunch Club is one of the many ways people are using the Internet to find friends while their peers are at the office. As telecommuting grows and unemployment remains high, interest in finding daytime friends is growing.”
Wall Street Journal – Aug’03

The Links to Friendship; An Online Search for Fun, Without a Look for Love

“Jared Nissim, 30, who lives in Lower Manhattan, started the Lunch Club because he wasn’t meeting people. ”I worked at home and spent all day by myself,” he said. So he put an ad on Craig’s List in December 2001 ”inviting complete and total strangers to have lunch with me.”
New York Times – Dec’03

Fancy lunch? Great … what’s your name?

“Jared Nissim wanted to make one thing clear. “This is definitely not a dating service,” the 32-year-old New Yorker explained, as a motley group of 18 men and women, many unknown to each other, gathered around a long table at a Manhattan restaurant.”
The Guardian – April’06

Meet on the menu

“The Lunch Club has hosted scavenger hunts at the Museum of Natural History, gallery tours, and knitting groups to help people in their quest to find new friends (or at least pursue activities with people who share their interests). It even offers ”Speed Friending,” a nonromantic form of speed dating.”

Speed Friending on NBC

Speed Friending on FOX

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