Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Lunch Club?

Established in December of 2001, The Lunch Club is an organization for young professionals who like fun events, eating, drinking and experiencing the best that New York City has to offer.  We have no agenda other than having a good time and meeting quality people.

Our events range from parties, happy hours, game nights, bar hops, scavenger hunts, art gallery tours, museum trips, live music, brunches, dinners, movies, dim sum and many many others – just about anything you can think of.

Why is this called “The Lunch Club?”

The club started in 2001 with regular weekly lunch gatherings, and for a long time, that’s all it was. In its early days, it became known as “The Lunch Club” for this reason. Over time, we have expanded the range of things we do, with just about every kind of event you can think of.  So, we’re not really a “lunch club” anymore.  But the name stuck and we got a lot of press, so we decided to keep it. Plus we always end up eating and drinking at these things. We’ve thought about changing it many times over the years, but don’t count on it.

How do I buy tickets to your events?

Each event has a corresponding ticket page on Eventbrite.com.  All events require tickets to be purchased in advance.  You’ll see the “Book Tickets” button on each event.

How long do the events last?

That all depends on what we’re doing.  Usually, most activities run about 2 hours long.

What are the ages of the members?

Most tend to be in their 20’s and 30’s.

Can I bring some friends?

Of course.  In fact, we encourage you to form your own teams for our scavenger hunts and races.  Come with your friends and meet new ones!

Is The Lunch Club affiliated with any organization?

Just us!

What is your Refund and Credit Policy?

Tickets to events are non-refundable.  You may transfer your ticket to someone else though.  Tickets are good for that particular event only and are not redeemable for future events.  If The Lunch Club cancels an event for reasons beyond our control, a full refund will be issued.

Privacy Policy

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The Lunch Club (and Jared Nissim) cannot be held responsible or liable for anything that happens as a result of anyone’s involvement.  By attending Lunch Club events you agree to waive any and all right forevermore to bring legal action against The Lunch Club or Jared Nissim due to circumstances resulting from your involvement with The Lunch Club. The Lunch Club is open to the public, anyone can attend. We cannot be held liable for the behavior of individual members or the results of their actions.


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