Some history…

by Jared Nissim, Director

Since 2001, The Lunch Club has been organizing all kinds of events: Lunches, brunches, dinners, walking tours, gallery hops, scavenger hunts, game nights, team-building races, bar crawls, parties and just about every other type of event you can imagine!  Pretty much everything we do somehow involves eating and drinking. Rough life, I know.

The club has a rich, 10 year history with 2000+ events under our belt.  Many thousands of people have passed through our ranks over the years making great new friends, business connections and even getting married.  For a decade, we have been a well-spring of awesome New York City activities that take advantage of the best this town has to offer.

The club has waxed, waned and waxed again during the various ‘epochs’ of the 2000’s.  In 2001 when the club started, it was one of the earliest things of its kind.  Hence, the press paid quite a bit of attention and club membership exploded.  Over the years, social opportunities in New York City have exponentially grown, causing us to adapt to formats that have become standard for the many event organizations out there now.

Our old site is still online as an archive, but now we have some fancy new digs!  ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed, sign up for our email list and comment on our posts.  Now there are lots of ways to stay connected to what the club is doing.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at our next event!